The Officers and Executive Committee are the governing body of the Materials Science and Technology Division. Elections are held annually prior to the ANS Annual Meeting, and are conducted by ballots mailed to all Division members by ANS-National. All terms begin and end with the ANS Annual Meeting, typically held in June. The Vice-Chair and Secretary/Treasurer are elected annually and serve one-year terms. The Vice-Chair is also the Chair-Elect, and assumes the position of Chair for a one-year term after completing the term as Vice-Chair. Similarly as part of succession planning, the Secretary/Treasurer is to become the Vice-Chair after completing a one-year term. The Executive Committee members are elected in groups of at least five for three-year terms.

Division Officers

Colby B. Jensen


Idaho National Laboratory

Troy Munro

Vice chair

Brigham Young University

Kenneth Geelhood


Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Executive Committee
3 year term


Luther H. Hallman
Luca Capriotti
Matthew J. Swenson
Chaitanya S. Deo
International Member

Staff Liaison
Valerie Vasilievas

Board Liaison

Past Chairs


2020 – Kallie Metzger
2019 – Rita Baranwal
2018 – Yong Yang

2017 – Janelle P. Wharry
2016 – Micah Hackett
2015 – Heng Ban
2014 – Bryan Chin
2013 – Kenneth Geelhood
2012 – Heather J. M. Chichester
2011 – Jeremy T. Busby
2010 – J. Rory Kennedy
2009 – Jim I. Cole
2008 – Travis W. Knight
2007 – Robert J. Hanrahan, Jr.
2006 – Ron Ballinger
2005 – Todd Allen
2004 – Ken Chidester
2003 – Jim Stubbins
2002 – Carl Beyer
2001 – Samim Anghaie
2000 – David J. Senor
1999 – James Tulenko
1998 – Doug C. Crawford
1997 – Mitch E. Cunningham