MSTD Awards

The Materials Science and Technology Division presents a variety of awards and scholarships at its biennial awards luncheon held in conjunction with the ANS Winter Meeting. The awards honor specific contributions to the literature or condition of the nuclear fuels and materials field. Information about awards nomination can be found on the ANS Honors and Awards page.

A list of awards and honorees can be found here:

Mishima Award

The Mishima Award is named in honor of Dr. Mishima Yoshitsugu, Professor Emeritus at the University of Tokyo. It is presented annually to recognize outstanding contributions in research and development on nuclear fuels and materials. More information and nomination materials may be obtained on the American Nuclear Society Honors and Awards web site.

Recent Mishima Award Recipients

2022 James F. Stubbins
2021 Robin William Grimes
2020 Rudolph Johannes
2020 Maria (Rudy) Konings
Past Mishima Award Recipients
2019 Yutai Katoh
2018 Joseph Y.R. Rashid
2017 Gary S. Was
2016 Brian Wirth
2015 Arthur T. Motta
2014 Tatsuo Shikama
2012 Lance L. Snead
2010 Theodore M. Besmann
2009 Louis K. Mansur
2008 Robert E. Einziger
2007 Steven J. Zinkle
2006 Donald R. Olander
2005 Everett E. Bloom
2004 J. Stephen Herring
2002 Gerard L. Hofman
2001 James J. Laidler
2000 Gary L. Rinehart
1998 G. Robert Odette
1997 James S. Tulenko
1996 Ronald B. Adamson For outstanding contributions to the development of PCI-resistant zirconium liner fuel for BWRs and to the understanding of the radiation growth, corrosion, microstructures and reliability of LWR fuel cladding.
1995 Ersel A. Evans For outstanding achievements and inspirational leadership in the development of the nation’s nuclear fuels and materials technology.
1994 Leon C. Walters For technical contributions illustrating the viability of metallic fuel for liquid metal cooled fast reactor applications.
1993 A. Burtron Johnson, Jr. For meritorious contributions to the understanding of in-reactor and post-irradiation behavior of fuels and materials important to the development of the international light water reactor industry.
1993 K. Linga Murty For outstanding contributions in understanding the deformation, creep and formability of hcp metals Zr, Ti, Mg, and their alloys; in the application of textures in predicting in-reactor cladding performance; in understanding radiation effects on the fracture behavior of nuclear reactor structural alloys and synergistic effects of radiation-induced defects and impurities.

Special Achievement Award

The Special Achievement Award is presented to recognize an individual that has made a single and unique special achievement in the field of materials science and technology by contributing an outstanding book, an innovative concept, or an entity or product that has had significant impact on the direction or success of nuclear materials technology.

Recent Special Achievement Recipients
2015 Rich Williamson and Michael Tonks For their development of the BISON-MARMOT fuel performance codes
2010 Todd Allen and Lance Snead For their pioneering efforts to in the creation of the Nuclear Fuels and Structural Materials for Next Generation Nuclear Reactors (NFSM) technical topical meeting
2009 David A. Petti For his leadership in the US TRISO fuel performance project that led to greater burnups than ever previously achieved
Past Special Achievement Recipients
2007 Gary S. Was For book entitled, Fundamentals of Radiation Materials Science, Metals and Alloys
2004 Ronald L. Klueh and Donald R. Harries High-Chromium Ferritic and Martensitic Steels for Nuclear Applications (American Society for Testing and Materials, West Conshohocken, PA, 2001)
1999 Henri Bailly, Denise Menessierand ClaudePrunier For editing the book entitled The Nuclear Fuel of Pressurized Water Reactors and Fast Reactors: Design and Behavior.
1995 Norbert E. Hoppe For his significant pioneering and sustained contributions to understanding and modeling nuclear fuel rod performance and his continued development of modern fuel rod performance codes.
1994 Howard Ocken For his significant and sustained contributions to the development of cobalt-free hardfacing alloys that match or exceed the properties of equivalent materials used in nuclear plants.
1985 J.T. Adrian Roberts For the book Structural Materials in Nuclear Power Systems.
1976 Donald R.Olander In recognition of his book Fundamental Aspects of Nuclear Fuel Reactor Elements.

Outstanding Achievement Award

The Outstanding Achievement Award is presented to recognize those individuals that have made unique or sustained outstanding achievements in the field of materials science and technology contributing to the development of nuclear energy.

Recent Outstanding Achievement Recipients
2015 Jeremy Busby For his leadership in addressing materials aging problems and solutions for the US Light Water Reactor fleet
2014 Stuart Maloy For his work on structural materials development and characterization of neutron-irradiated materials
2011 Jim Stubbins For his notable contributions in the area of understanding mechanical properties of metals under radiation
Past Outstanding Achievement Recipients
2010 Arthur Motta For his pioneering work on oxidation of zirconium alloys including his use of synchrotron x-rays
2009 Roger E. Stoller For his pioneering efforts to apply computational tools to the understanding of radiation damage.
2008 Randy K. Nanstad For his contributions to the understanding of fracture mechanisms in nuclear pressure vessel steels and cladding.
2007 Nasr M. Ghoniem For significant and sustained contributions to the modeling of materials behavior, especially for applications in advanced nuclear systems
2006 Lou Mansur For significant and sustained contributions to the understanding and modeling of materials behavior in nuclear systems
2005 Steven J. Zinkle For significant and sustained contributions to the understanding of metals and ceramics materials behavior for fusion and advanced fission reactor applications.
2004 Francis A. Garner For significant and sustained contributions to the field of structural materials behavior for nuclear fission and fusion systems
2003 Gary Was For his significant and sustained contributions to the understanding and modeling of the relationship between microstructure development and Irradiation Assisted Stress Corrosion Cracking.
2002 Everett Bloom For his significant and sustained contributions to the development of materials for advanced nuclear fission and fusion systems.
2001 Arden L. Bement Jr. For his significant and sustained contributions to the understanding of materials behavior in nuclear systems and contributions and leadership in the field of materials science.
2000 Jack Carpenter For his significant and sustained contributions to the development and application of neutron sources for the understanding of materials structure.
1999 James J. Laidler
1998 Monroe Wechsler
1997 R.J. Price For his pioneering work in the characterization of silicon carbide irradiation performance and behavior for advanced fission and fusion reactors.
1993 Massoud T. Simnad For his pioneering work in the development of uranium-zirconium hydride fuels for TRIGA reactors and of coated-particle fuels for high temperature gas cooled reactors.
1993  G. Robert Odette For his significant and sustained contributions to the understanding and modeling of the effects of irradiation on the microstructure and mechanical behavior of structural materials for fission and fusion reactors.
1988 Leon C. Walters For his pioneering work in irradiation creep and the development of metallic fuels for liquid metal reactors.
1985 Jack Belle For pioneering efforts in the development of uranium oxide and thorium oxide fuels.
1985 Donald E. Thomas For his pioneering work in the development of zircaloy.
1983 Peter Murray For pioneering work in the development of oxide fuels for thermal and fast reactors.
1981 Maxwell D.Freshley For his work leading to establishment of performance characteristics for urania and Pu-recycle mixed oxide thermal reactor fuels, which includes the identification of means to mitigate the deleterious effects of irradiation induced fuel densification and pellet-cladding interaction and the characterization of fission gas release, fuel thermal behavior and fuel restructuring.
1979 Charles M. Walter For application of materials technology at EBR-II to extend EBR-II driver fuel lifetime, to enable reprocessing of 42,000 driver rods, and to enable a greater than 75% capacity factor at EBR-II over the past several years.
1979 J. Howard Kittel For redesign of EBR-II fuel pins based on experimental observations that extended life of driver metal fuel pins to above 8% burnup.
1979 W. Nelson Beck For experimental demonstration that swelling in metal fuels is diminished after porosity becomes interconnected and 75% of fission gas is released allowing for sodium penetration to reduce temperatures.
1979 William G. Johnston For work providing the basis for developing new swelling resistant alloys when exposed to neutron and charged particle environments.
1979 J. Russel Hawthorne For demonstration of improved irradiated pressure vessel steel performance by removal of copper impurity.
1979 James A. Christensen For his work leading to the instructional chart Structural Evolution in an Irradiated Oxide Fuel Pin.
1979 Edward A. Aitken For his work leading to the instructional chart Chemical Evolution in an Irradiated Oxide Fuel Pin.

Literary Award

The Literary Award is intended to recognize authors that have contributed the best full-length materials-oriented paper or review article in the field of materials science and technology contributing to the development of nuclear energy.

Recent Literary Award Recipients
2015 S.A. Maloy, T.A. Saleh, O. Anderoglu, T.J. Romero, G.R. Odette, T. Yamamoto, S. Li, J.I. Cole, R. Fielding Characterization and comparative analysis of the tensile properties of five tempered martensitic steels and an oxide dispersion strengthened ferritic alloy irradiated at 295C to 6.5 dpa, Journal of Nuclear Materials, 468 (2016) 232.
2014 M. Teague, B. Gorman, B. Miller, et al. EBSD and TEM characterization of high burn-up mixed oxide fuel, Journal of Nuclear Materials, 444 (2014) 475.
2011 Z. Jiao, V. Shankar, G.S. Was Phase stability in proton and heavy ion irradiated ferritic martensitic alloys, Journal of Nuclear Materials, 419 (2011) 52.
Past Literary Award Recipients
2010 J. Gan, D.D. Keiser Jr., D.M. Wachs, A.B. Robinson, B.D. Miller, T.R. Allen Transmission electron microscopy characterization of irradiated U-7Mo/Al-2Si dispersion fuel, Journal of Nuclear Materials 396 (2010) 234.
2009 D.E. Burkes, R.S. Fielding, D.L. Porter, D.C. Crawford, M.K. Meyer A US Perspective on Fast Reactor Fuel Fabrication Technology and Experience Part I: Metal Fuels and Assembly Design, Journal of Nuclear Materials 389 (2009) 458.
2008 Z. Jiao, G.S. Was Localized Deformation and IASCC Initiation in Austenitic Stainless Steels, Journal of Nuclear Materials 382 (2008) 203.
2007 L.L. Snead, T. Nozawa, Y. Katoh, T.S. Byun, S. Kondo, D.A. Petti Handbook of SiC Properties for Fuel Performance Modeling, Journal of Nuclear Materials 371 (2007) 329.
2006 T.R. Allen, J.I. Cole, C.L. Trybus, D.L. Porter, H. Tsai, F.A. Garner, E.A. Kenik, T. Yoshitake, J. Ohta The Effect of Dose Rate on the Response of Austenitic Stainless Steels to Neutron Radiation, Journal of Nuclear Materials 348 (2006) 148.
2005 L.L. Snead, S.J. Zinkle, D.P. White Thermal conductivity degradation of ceramic materials due to low temperature low dose neutron irradiation, Journal of Nuclear Materials 340 (2005) 187.
2004 T.S. Byun, K. Farrell Plastic instability in polycrystalline metals after low temperature irradiation, Acta Materialia 52 (2004) 1597.
2003 G. R. Odette, T. Yamamoto, H.J. Rathbun, M.Y. He, M.L. Hribernik, J.W. Rensman Cleavage fracture and irradiation embrittlement of fusion reactor alloys: mechanisms, multiscale models, toughness measurements and implications to structural integrity assessment, Journal of Nuclear Materials 323 (2003) 313.
2002 J.T. Busby, G.S. Was, E.A. Kenik Isolating the effect of radiation-induced segregation in irradiation-assisted stress corrosion cracking of austenitic stainless steel, Journal of Nuclear Materials 302 (2002) 20.
2001 B.D. Wirth, M.J. Caturla, T. Diaz de la Rubia, T. Khraishi, H. Zbib Mechanical property degradation in irradiated materials: A multiscale modeling approach, Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section B: Beam Interactions with Materials and Atoms 180 (2001) 23.
2000 T.R. Allen, E.A. Kenik, G.S. Was Variability of Radiation-Induced Segregation in Iron-Chromium-Nickel Alloys, Journal of Nuclear Materials 278 (2000) 149.
1999 K.E. Sickafus, H. Matzke, Th. Hartmann, K. Tasuda, J.A. Valdez, P. Chodak, M. Nastasi, R.A. Verrall Radiation Damage Effects in Zirconia, Journal of Nuclear Materials 274 (1999) 66.
1998 T.R. Allen, et al. On the Mechanisms of Radiation-Induced Segregation in Austenitic Fe-Cr-Ni Alloys, Journal of Nuclear Materials 255 (1998) 44.
1997 B.J. Lewis, et al. Ion Spiking Model for Pressurized Water Reactors, Journal of Nuclear Materials 244(1997) 153.
1996 J.E. Pawel, A.F. Rowcliffe, G.E. Lucas, S.J. Zinkle Irradiation Performance of Stainless Steels for ITER Application, Journal of Nuclear Materials 239 (1996) 126.
1996 S.M. McDeavitt, A.A. Solomon HIP of U-10Zr by a Coupled Grain Boundary Diffusion and Creep Cavitation Mechanism, Journal of Nuclear Materials 228 (1996) 184.
1995 S. Uchida, E. Ibe, K. Nakata, M. Fuse, K. Ohsumi, Y. Takashima Application of Hydrogen Water Chemistry to Moderate Corrosive Circumstances Around the Reactor Pressure Vessel Bottom of Boiling Water Reactors, Nuclear Technology 110 (1995) 250.
1994 D.A. Petti, R.R. Hobbins, D.L. Hagerman The Composition of Aerosols Generated During a Severe Reactor Accident: Experimental Results from the Power Burst Facility Severe Fuel Damage Test 1-4, Nuclear Technology 105 (1994) 334.
1993 D.T. Peters, K.J.A. Kundig, D.F. Medley, P.A. Enders Multibarrier Copper-Base Containers for High-Level Waste Disposal, Nuclear Technology 104 (1993) 219.
1993 W. Goll, H.P. Fuchs, R. Manzel, F.U. Schlemmer Irradiation Behavior of UO2/PuO2 Fuel in Light Water Reactors, Nuclear Technology 102 (1993) 29.
1992 J.H. Kittel, B.R.T. Frost, J.P. Mustelier, K.Q. Bagley, C.C. Crittenden, J. van Dievot History of Fast Reactor Fuel Development, Journal of Nuclear Materials, 204 (1993) 1.
1991 A.A. Strasser, D.R. O’Boyle, K. Otoha, T. Kishida, S. Sandklef Fuel for the 90’s – A Utility Perspective, Proceedings of ANS/ENS International Topical Meeting on LWR Fuel Performance, Avignon, France (1991).
1990 T.H. Bauer, A.E. Wright, W. R. Robinson, J.W. Holland, E.A. Rhodes Behavior of Modern Metallic Fuel in TREAT Transient Overpower Tests, Nuclear Technology 92 (1990) 325.
1990 B.J. Lewis, F.C. Iglesias, D.S. Cox, E. Gheorghiu A Model for Fission Gas Release and Fuel Oxidation Behavior for Defected UO2 Fuel Elements, Nuclear Technology 92 (1990) 353.
1989 D.A. Petti, J.P. Adams, J.L. Anderson, R.R. Hobbins Analysis of Fission Product Release Behavior from the Three-Mile Island Unit 2 Core, Nuclear Technology 87 (1989) 243.
1988 J.L. Collins, M.F. Osborne, R.A. Lorenz, A.P. Malinauskas Fission Product Iodine and Cesium Release Behavior Under Light Water Reactor Accident Conditions, Nuclear Technology 81 (1988) 78.
1987 M.F. Osborne, J.L. Collins, R.A. Lorenz Experimental Studies of Fission Product Release from Commercial Light Water Reactor Fuel Under Accident Conditions, Nuclear Technology 78 (1987) 157.
1987 M.G. Adamson, W.H. Reineking, M. Kangilaski, S. Vaidyanathan Screening Alternative LMFBR Cladding Alloys for Fission-Product Induced LME and FCCI, Proceedings of the International Conference on Fast Breeder Reactor Fuel Performance, Tucson, Arizona (1987).
1986 P.M. Scott Stress Corrosion and Corrosion Fatigue in Water Reactor Environments – Chemical Viewpoint, Proceedings of the 2nd International Symposium on Environmental Degradation of Materials in Nuclear Power Systems, Monterey, California (1985).
1986 R.E. Einziger, R.V. Strain Behavior of Breached Pressurized Water Reactor Spent-Fuel Rods in an Air Atmosphere Between 250 and 360C, Nuclear Technology 75 (1986) 82.
1985 J.H. Davies Fission Product Release from Artificially Perforated Fuel Rods Operating in a Test Reactor Loop, Proceedings of Fission Product Behavior and Source Term Research Conference, Park City, Utah (1984).
1985 D.J. Osetek, A.W. Cronenberg, R.R. Hobbins, K. Vinjamuri Fission Product Behavior During the First Two PBF Severe Fuel Damage Tests, Proceedings of Fission Product Behavior and Source Term Research Conference, Park City, Utah (1984).
1983 F. Tinti Uniaxial In-Reactor Creep of Zircaloy-2: Stress, Flux, and Temperature Dependence, Nuclear Technology 60 (1983) 109.
1983 F.A. Garner Recent Insights on the Swelling and Creep of Irradiated Austenitic Alloys, Journal of Nuclear Materials 122-123 (1984) 459.
1982 J.H. Davies, H.S. Rosenbaum, J.S. Armijo, E. Rosicky, E.L. Esch, S.B. Wisner Irradiation Tests on Barrier Fuel in Support of a Large-Scale Demonstration, Proceedings of LWR Extended Burnup Fuel Performance and Utilities, Williamsburg, Virginia (1982).
1981 P.Berge, J.R. Donati Materials Requirements for Pressurized Water Reactor Steam Generator Tubing, Nuclear Technology 55 (1981) 88.
1980 H.A. Ocken An Improved Evaluation Model for Zircaloy Oxidation, Nuclear Technology 47 (1980) 343.
1980 W.H. Yunker Silicon Mass Transfer in Sodium Loops and the Resulting Thermal/Hydraulic Effects, Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Liquid Metal Technology in Energy Production (1980).
1979 R.S. Ondrejcin, S.R. Rideout, J.A. Donovan Control of Stress Corrosion Cracking in Storage Tanks Containing Radioactive Waste, Nuclear Technology 44 (1979) 297.
1979 J.H. Davies, J.S. Armijo, R.A. Proebstle, G.R. Parkos, R.L. Schreck, W.L. Esch, J.M. Isaacson, L.D. Noble, H.S. Rosenbaum Power Ramp Tests of Potential PCI Remedies, Proceedings of LWR Fuel Performance, Portland, Oregon (1979).
1978 T.A. Whipple, D.L. Olson, W.L. Bradley, D.K. Matlock Corrosion and Mechanical Behavior of Iron in Liquid Lithium, Nuclear Technology 39 (1978) 75.
1977 B.J. Wrona, J.T.A. Roberts, T.M. Galvin, G.T. Higgins Mechanical Response of UO2 Subjected to Transient Heating, Nuclear Technology 32 (1977) 376.

Significant Contribution Award

The Significant Contribution Award recognizes the authors that have presented the best materials-oriented paper at either the Annual or Winter ANS Meetings in the field of materials science and technology contributing to the development of nuclear energy.

Recent Significant Achievement Recipients
2015 K.G. Field, Y. Yamamoto, B. Pint, R. Howard, L.L. Snead, K.A. Terrani Current status of FeCrAl alloys as an accident tolerant cladding alloy class for commercial light water reactors, presented at the ANS Winter Meeting, November 2015
2014 Y. Le Pape, K.G. Field, J. Busby Degradation of concrete for nuclear structures: Identified mechanisms and knowledge gaps, presented at the ANS Annual Meeting NFSM Embedded Topical, June 2014
2011 V.V. Rondinella, D. Staicu, C. T. Walker, S. Bremier, D. Papaioannou, T. Wiss, R.J.M. Konings Advanced Microanalytical and Thermophysical Investigations of Irradiated Nuclear Fuel, presented at the ANS Annual Meeting, June 2011
Past Significant Achievement Recipients
2010 Sean M. McDeavitt, M. Naramore, R. Miller, J.C. Ragusa, S.T. Revankar, A.A. Solomon, J. Malone Introducing a High Thermal Conductivity UO2-BeO Nuclear Fuel Concept, presented at the ANS Annual Meeting, November 2010
2009 V.V. Rondinella, H. Ohta, D. Papioannou, T. Ogata, R. Nasyrow, T. Koyama, J.-P. Glatz Characterization of Metallic Fuel for the Transmutation of Minor Actinides in Fast Reactor, presented at the ANS Winter Meeting, November 2009
2008 L.K. Mansur Perspectives on Radiation Effects in High-Nickel Alloys for Applications in Advanced Reactors, presented at the ANS Annual Meeting NFSM Embedded Topical, June 2008
2007 D. Warin, P. Brossard, J. Nabot French R&D Program for Minor Actinide Bearing Fuel Developments, presented at GLOBAL 2007
2006 D.C. Crawford, D.L. Porter, S.L. Hayes Fuels for Sodium-Cooled Fast Reactors, presented at the ANS Annual Meeting NFSM Embedded Topical, June 2006
2005 P.A. Demkowicz, D.A. Petti, J.A. Kopp Fission Product Corrosion of Carbide and Nitride Materials, presented at the ANS Winter Meeting, November 2005
2004 P.G. Medvedev, S.M. Frank, M.J. Lambregts, A.P. Maddison, T.P. O’Holleran, M.K. Meyer Dual Phase Magnesia-Zirconia Ceramics for Light Water Reactor Inert Matrix Fuel, presented at the ANS Winter Meeting, November 2004
2003 J.H. Kim, S.H. Oh, I.S. Hwang Mitigation of primary water stress corrosion cracking by nickel-plating methodology, presented at the ANS Winter Meeting, November 2003
2002 S.M. McDeavitt, T.J. Downar, A.A. Solomon Cermet Fuel for the Thorium Fuel Cycle, presented at the ANS Annual Meeting, June 2002
2001 T.W. Knight, S. Anghaie Tri-Carbide Nuclear Fuel Processing and Characterization for Space Nuclear Applications, presented at the ANS Winter Meeting, November 2001
1999 M.A. Pouchon, C. Degueldre, P. Tissot Properties of Zirconia-Based Fuels for Plutonium Utilization in Reactors
1999 B.A. Hilton, R.T. Klann Hydrogen Measurement in Cladding Material by Neutron Transmission Analysis
1998 K. Katsuyama, T. Mitsugi, T. Asaga Evaluation of Helium Gas Release Behavior in MOX Fuel
1997 A. Cohen, D.D. Keiser Interaction Layers Between Metal Alloy Fuel and Stainless Steel Cladding in Irradiated Fuel Elements
1994 S.K. Iskander, M.A. Sokolov, R.K.Nansted Some Aspects of the Role of Annealing in Plant Life Extension
1992 Y.Y. Liu, H. Tsai, M.C. Billone, J.M. Kramer Behavior of EBR-II Mk-V-Type Fuel Elements in Simulated Loss of Flow Tests
1992 K. Yamamoto, T. Hirosawa, K. Morozumi, S. Nomura Melting Temperature and Thermal Conductivity of Irradiated (U,Pu)O2 Fuel
1991 T.C. Rowland, H.S. Rosenbaum, R. Iwasaki, M. Nakasuka, Y. Iwano, A. Maru, T. Matsumato, A.Yoshizawa Power Cycling Operation Tests of Zr-Barrier Fuel
1991 G.E. Lucas, G.R. Odette, E. Mader Low Temperature Hardening andEmbrittlement of Nuclear Structural Steels
1990 M.R. Elmore, E.D. Waters Erosion-Corrosion of Waste Storage Tanks During Waste Retrieval
1990 M.S. Nagorka, C.G. Levi, G.E. Lucas Dispersion Strengthened Cu-Y2O3 Alloys for High-Heat-Flux Applications
1989 W. Meyer and W.H. Miller  Nondestructive Analysis for Hydrogen in Steel Using Neutron Scattering
1989 P.J. Maziasz Microstructural Evolution of Martensitic Steels During Fast Neutron Irradiation
1989 T. Nakagawa, T. Ogata, M. Tokiwai Simulation of the Injection Casting of Metallic Fuels
1988 J.H. Bottcher, J.D.B. Lambert, R.V. Strain, S. Ukai, S. Shibahara Fuel/Sodium Reaction Product Formation in Breached Mixed-Oxide Fuel
1987 C.J. McHargue The Effects of Ion Implantation on the Mechanical Properties of Ceramics
1987 M.L. Grossbeck, J.A. Horak Effect of Helium on the Irradiation Creep in an Austenitic Stainless Steel
1986 L.A. Lawrence Fuel/Cladding Chemical Interaction Correlation for Mixed-Oxide Fuel Pins
1986 R.J. Reda, S.L. Akers, J.L. Kelly Radiation-Enhanced Corrosion of Mild Steel
1985 M.G. Adamson, W.H. Reineking, S.Vaidyanathan Evidence for Liquid Cesium and Tellurium-Induced Fatigue Embrittlement of Cold-Worked AISI Type 316 Stainless Steel
1985 Z. Tomczuk, D.S. Poa, W.E. Miller, R.K. Steunenberg Electrorefining of Uranium and Plutonium from Liquid Cadmium
1984 K.T. Gillian, R.L. Clough Kinetic Model for Extrapolation of Combined Radiation-Thermal Accelerated Aging Experiments
1984 B.R. Seidel, L.C. Walters, J.H.Kittel Performance of Metallic Fuels in Liquid-Metal Fast Reactors
1984 T.M. Bessman, T.B. Lindemer Thermochemical Modeling of the Plutonium and Uranium-Plutonium Dioxides
1983 H.M. Chung Structure of High-Burnup Fuel Zircaloy Cladding
1982 S. Vaidyanathan, M.G. Adamson Mechanisms of Fuel Adjacency Effect in LMFBR Oxide Fuel Pins
1982 E.L. Burley, T.L. Wong, R.J. Law, R.L. Cowan Oxygen Suppression in BWR Reactor Water by Hydrogen Additions
1982 R.W. Stratton Development of Advanced Fuels inSwitzerland
1981 R.W. Stratton, M. Nicolet, J. Reindl, K.L. Peddicord Sphere-Pac Carbide Fuel Pin Thermal Calculations Compared with Post-Irradiation Observations
1981 F.M. Haggag, G.E. Lucas Determination of Flow Properties of Steel from an Instrumented Hardness Test
1981 S. Vaidyanathan, M.G. Adamson Preliminary Model for Fission Product Assisted Crack Growth in LMFBR Oxide Fuel Pin Cladding
1980 C.A. Calder, E.C. Draney, W.W. Wilcox Noncontact Measurement of the Elastic Constants of Plutonium at Elevated Temperatures
1980 N.S. DeMuth, T.W. Latimer, R.L. Petty Short-Term Irradiation of Carbide Fuel Elements After Sodium Bond Loss
1980 P.J. Fehrenbach, P.A. Morel, R.D. Sage In-Reactor Measurement of Cladding Strain: Fuel Density and Relocation Effects
1980 R.P. Colburn, H.P. Maffei Contamination Transport in the Primary Coolant System During a Breached Fuel Pin Test in EBR-II
1980 B.Z. Hyatt Corrosion Behavior of AM-350 Stainless Steel in Light Water Reactor Coolant
1979 W. Kesternich Helium Cavitation and Its Relation to TiCPrecipitation in an Alpha-Irradiated Stainless Steel
1979 E.R. Bradley, M.E. Cunningham, C.R. Hann, D.D. Lanning, R.E.Williford Burnup-Dependent Fission Gas Release
1979 J.M. McKee, F.A. Smith, E.R.Koehl Sodium Hydroxide Injections into Sodium
1978 R.J. DiMelfi, L.W. Deitrich Modeling of the Effects of Grain-Boundary Fission Gas on Transient Fuel Behavior
1978 M. Tetenbaum, R.J. Ackerman High-Temperature Vaporization Behavior of the ThO Phase
1978 R.L. Klueh Microstructural Effects on Creep-Rupture Behavior of Annealed 2-Cr-1Mo Steel
1978 K.R. Thomas, T.H. van der Kaa, V.C. Dodd, D.O. Hobson An Irradiated Capsule Design Capable of Continuously Monitoring the Creepdown of Zircaloy Fuel Cladding
1978 R.L. Klueh, J.F. King Strain-Rate Effects on the Elevated-Temperature Behavior of ERNiCr3 Weld Metal
1977 P.J. Maziasz, E.E. Bloom Comparison of 316 + Ti with 316 Stainless Steel Irradiated in a Simulated Fusion Environment
1976 D.S. Dutt, J.W. Weber Fuel Column Stability in Mixed-Oxide Fuel
1976 E.C. Breahm, C.A. Culpepper Basic Chemical Compatibility of Thorium Carbides in Cr-Fe-Ni Alloys
1976 J.T.A. Roberts, E. Smith, N. Fuhrman, D. Cubicciotti On the Pellet-Cladding Interaction Phenomenon
1975 J.M. McKee A Calibration System for Hydrogen Meters in Sodium
1974 T.C. Rowlan, M.O. Marlowe, R.B. Elkins Fission Product Swelling in BWR Fuel
1973 J.A. Horak, T.H. Blewitt Some Implications of Fast vs. Thermal Neutron Irradiation of Metals
1972 K. Farrell, R.T. King Radiation Induced Strengthening andIntergranular Fracture in Aluminum
1971 E.A. Aitken, S.K. Evans, H.S. Rosenbaum, B.F. Rubin Transport and Reaction of Fission Products with Stainless Steel Cladding: Out of the Pile Thermal Gradient Testing

Past Chair Award

The Past Chair Award is presented to recognize the contributions of the past MSTD Chairs to the Division and the American Nuclear Society

Recent Past Chair Award Recipients
2014-2015 Heng Ban Utah State University
2013-2014 Bryan Chen Auburn University
2011-2012 Heather MacLean Chichester Idaho National Laboratory
Past Chair Award Recipients
2010-2011 Jeremy T. Busby Oak Ridge National Laboratory
2009-2010 J. Rory Kennedy Idaho National Laboratory
2008-2009 Jim I. Cole Idaho National Laboratory
2007-2008 Travis W. Knight University of South Carolina
2006-2007 Robert J. Hanrahan, Jr. Los Alamos National Laboratory
2005-2006 Ron Ballinger Massachusetts Institute of Technology
2004-2005 Todd Allen University of Wisconsin
2003-2004 Ken Chidester Los Alamos National Laboratory
2002-2003 Jim Stubbins University of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign
2001-2002 Carl Beyer Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
2000-2001 Samim Anghaie University of Florida
1999-2000 David J. Senor Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
1998-99 James Tulenko University of Florida
1997-98 Doug C. Crawford Argonne National Laboratory-West
1996-97 Mitch E. Cunningham Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
1995-96 John D. Lambert Argonne National Laboratory
1994-95 Jerry L. Ethridge Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
1993-94 Thomas T. Claudson Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
1992-93 Glenn E. Lucas
1991-92 Bobby R. Seidel Argonne National Laboratory-West
1990-91 Anthony J. Romano
1989-90 J.T. Adrian Roberts
1988-89 Martin L. Grossbeck Oak Ridge National Laboratory
1987-88 K.L. Peddicord Texas A&M University
1986-87 Leo A. Lawrence
1985-86 Martyn G. Adamson
1984-85 Leon C. Walters Argonne National Laboratory-West
1983-84 J. Read Holland
1982-83 Sidney Langer
1981-82 Edward A. Aitken
1980-81 Robert D. Leggett
1979-80 Donald E. Thomas
1978-79 James A. Horak Oak Ridge National Laboratory
1977-78 Owen L. Kruger
1976-77 James L. Scott
1975-76 Harry Pearlman
1974-75 Richard E. Skavdahl
1973-74 John E. Cunningham
1972-73 Melvin L. Bleiberg
1971-72 J. Howard Kittel
1970-71 Jack G. Conner
1969-70 Don R. DeHalas
1968-69 Thomas J. Pashos
1967-68 Warren R. Grimes
1966-67 Stan J. Paprocki
1965-66 Merrill J. Whitman
1964-65 Walter G. Baxter
1963-64 James F. Schumar

25 Year Award

The 25 Year Award is presented to recognize MSTD members that have been ANS members for 25 years and have served in the field of materials science and technology contributing to the development of nuclear energy

1995 D.R. Olander
1994 E.E. Bloom
1993 James F. Schumar
1993 J. Howard Kittel
1993 Ersel A. Evans

Student Literary Award

The Student Literary Award is presented to recognize the student that has presented the best full-length materials-oriented paper contributing to the development of nuclear energy at the Annual or Winter ANS Meeting, and subsequently submitted a full paper for publication in Nuclear Technology or other ANS journal.

Recent Student Literary Award Recipients
2015 David Frazer Localized mechanical property assessment of SiC/SiC composite materials (Composites A 70 (2015) 93)
2015 Elizabeth Getto Effect of irradiation mode on the microstructure of self-ion irradiated ferritic-martensitic alloys (J Nucl Mater 465 (2015) 116)
2014 Yinbin Miao The evolution mechanism of the dislocation loops in irradiated lanthanum doped cerium oxide (J Nucl Mater 445 (2014) 209)
Past Student Literary Award Recipients
2010 Elaine A. West Influence of Microstructural Parameters on the Intergranular Cracking of Irradiated 316L Stainless Steel in Supercritical Water
2009 Elaine A. West Influence of Taylor Factor on IASCC in SCW and Simulated BWR Environments, E.A. West, Z. Jiao, G.S. Was (University of Michigan), presented at Env Deg 2009.
2008 Peter Hosemann Micro Mechanic Testing and Local Electrode Atom Probe Microscope (LEAP) Measurements on Oxide Dispersed Strengthened (ODS) Alloys, P. Hosemann (LANL, University of Leoben), E. Stergar(University of Leoben), C. Vieh (LANL/University of Leoben), R.R. Greco, M.J. Cappiello, S.A. Maloy(LANL), NSFM 2008.
2007 Gokul Vasudevamurthy Production of ZrC Matrix for Use in Gas Fast Reactor Composite Fuels, Gokul Vasudevamurthy, Travis W. Knight, Elwyn Roberts, and Thad Adams, presented at GLOBAL 2007 and subsequently published in the Journal of Nuclear Materials, 347, 1-2 (2008) 241-247
2006 Xianglin Wu An EBSD Investigation on Flow Localization of 316L Stainless Steel, X. Wu, X. Pan, J. C. Mabon, M. Li, and J. F. Stubbins, presented at the Embedded Topical on Fuels and Structural Materials for Advanced Reactor Systems at the ANS Annual Meeting, June 2006, and subsequently published in the Journal of Nuclear Materials, 371, 1-3 (2007) 90-97
2004 Xianglin Wu X. Wu, X. Pan, M. Li, and J. Stubbins, Flow localization modeling for face-centered cubic (FCC) metals after exposure to radiation, presented at the ANS 2004 Winter Meeting followed by full papers inJournal Nuclear Materials and ASTM JAI
2003 Alan M. Bolind, J. F. Stubbins The use of impedance spectroscopy to measure corrosion in lead-bismuth systems in ANS AccAppProc 2003 p.849
1999 M. Barnett, R.K. Corzine Calculations of Radiation Damage at SNS
1992 P.C. Tortorici, M.A. Dayananda Interdiffusion of Cerium in Fe-Ni-Cr Alloys
1985 D. Sherman Hydrogen Retention and Release from UO2
1982 M.P. Manahan A New Post-Irradiation Mechanical Behavior Test – The Miniaturized Disk Bend Test
1981 K.C. Kim Oxygen Diffusion in UO2-x

Schumar Scholarship

The Schumar Scholarship is named in honor of the first Chair of the MSTD, and comprises a minimum award of $1000 presented to encourage graduate students to pursue academic excellence and make significant contributions to the field of materials science and technology advancing the development of nuclear energy. More information and application materials may be obtained at the American Nuclear Society Scholarship web site.

Recent Schumar Scholarship Award Recipients
2022 William Searight Pennsylvania State University
2020 Pierre-Clément A. Simon Pennsylvania State University
2012 William Sames Texas A&M University
Past Schumar Scholarship Award Recipients
2011 Lindsey Anne Gilman Massachusetts Institute of Technology
2010 Jeffrey Powers University of California, Berkeley
2009 Azaree Tresong Lintereur University of Florida
2008 Sarah Khalil University of Wisconsin
2007 Kurt Terrani University of California
2006 Maria A. Okuniewski University of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign
2005 Micah Hackett University of Michigan
2004 Candice C. Scheffing North Carolina State
2003 Julie Dehn Tucker University of Wisconsin
2002 Jason Dirk Haverkamp North Carolina State University
2001 Heather Jean MacLean Massachusetts Institute of Technology
2000 Heather Jean MacLean Massachusetts Institute of Technology
1999 Robert M. Miller Purdue University
1998 Brent Matthew Capell University of Michigan
1997 Grayden S. Uyeda Jr. Oregon State University
1996 Ehsan Samei University of Michigan
1995 Piero U. Simoni University of Virginia
1994 Ian S. Hamilton Texas A&M University
1993 Shara S. Shoup University of Tennessee
1992 Abdul R. Dulloo Pennsylvania State University
1991 Paula D. Freyer Pennsylvania State University
1990 James M. Adams Pennsylvania State University
1989 William S.L. Boyer University of Michigan
1988 Douglas C. Crawford University of Michigan
1987 John D. Demaree University of Michigan
1986 Dale E. Alexander University of Michigan
1985 Mark C. Petri Purdue University
1984 Richard W. Smith University of Michigan