The Materials Science and Technology Division (MSTD) is one of eighteen Professional Divisions within the American Nuclear Society (ANS). The MSTD serves as a resource within the ANS for the dissemination of information related to nuclear materials. Materials selection and performance issues are central to all applications of nuclear technology. The MSTD has traditionally served as the primary sponsor of meetings and publications in the fields of nuclear fuel performance and modeling. However, emerging non-traditional applications of nuclear science pose interesting new materials challenges. Areas of interest to the MSTD include not only fission reactor fuel performance and modeling, but also areas such as power plant aging and life extension, fusion reactor systems, isotope production, gamma irradiation, interim spent fuel storage, actinide disposition, and shielding.

The objectives of MSTD are: promote the advancement of materials science in Nuclear Science Technology; support the multidisciplines which constitute it; encourage research by providing a forum for the presentation, exchange, and documentation of relevant information; promote the interaction and communication among its members; and recognize and reward its members for significant contributions to the field of materials science in nuclear technology.

To meet these goals, the Division sponsors technical programming associated with the American Nuclear Society Annual and Winter Meetings, as well as separate conferences focused on specific materials topics. The technical content of these meetings is documented in a variety of ways including peer-reviewed journals and conference proceedings books. To encourage young materials professionals, the Division typically sponsors a variety of student activities including scholarships, ANS student conferences, and travel support to ANS Annual and Winter Meetings. The MSTD also sponsors a biennial awards luncheon at the ANS Winter Meetings to recognize significant contributions to the nuclear materials field.

The Materials Science and Technology Division offers an opportunity to network with other materials science professionals in the nuclear field. These connections will help to build relationships within the field, find new opportunities for collaborations, and help to increase awareness about the challenges that face professionals in one of the most interesting and rewarding branches of nuclear science and materials science.

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Call for Papers & Volunteers: ANS Student Conference

The 2017 ANS Student Conference will be hosted by the University of Pittsburgh (Pittsburgh, PA) on April 6-9, 2017.  Student members of MSTD are encouraged to attend and participate in the technical programs, which offers poster presentations, podium presentations, and innovation presentations.  Professional members of MSTD are encouraged to volunteer as reviewers and judges for the technical programning.  Visit the conference website for the call for papers, to volunteer, or for more...

ANS/MSTD Host TopFuel 2016

ANS/MSTD successfully hosted the TopFuel Conference in Boise, Idaho, September 11-16, 2016, for over 200 attendees. Technical programming focused on five tracks: (1) fuel performance reliability, operations, and maintenance experience, (2) advances in fuel technologies, (3) transient and off-normal fuel behavior, (4) used fuel storage, transportation, and reuse/recovery, and (5) fuel modeling and analysis. A tour of the Idaho National Laboratory was arranged for conference...