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2015 Election Results: Congratulations to all.  Officers and new Executive Committee Members take their positions at the conclusion of the ANS Annual Meeting. (link)




The Materials Science and Technology Division (MSTD) is one of eighteen Professional Divisions within the American Nuclear Society (ANS). The MSTD serves as a resource within the ANS for the dissemination of information related to nuclear materials. Materials selection and performance issues are central to all applications of nuclear technology. The MSTD has traditionally served as the primary sponsor of meetings and publications in the fields of nuclear fuel performance and modeling. However, emerging non-traditional applications of nuclear science pose interesting new materials challenges. Areas of interest to the MSTD include not only fission reactor fuel performance and modeling, but also areas such as power plant aging and life extension, fusion reactor systems, isotope production, gamma irradiation, interim spent fuel storage, actinide disposition, and shielding.  Find out more about MSTD.






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